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  Canada Afghanistan Business Council   Canada Afghanistan Business Council - Sabir Fermand

  Canadian Arab Federation   Canadian Arab Federation - Raja G. Khouri

  IC Youth Organization   IC Youth Organization - سازمان حمایت از جوانان ایرانی - کانادایی
I C Youth Organization | Our mission is to engage the youth so that they may reach their optimum potential and to enhance their quality of life by utilizing the existing capacities within the community.

  Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC)   Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC) - کنگره حمایت از ایرانیان کانادا
Iranian-Canadian Congress (ICC) is a not for profit, non partisan and nonreligious organization that is committed to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

  Iranian Community Association of Ontario   Iranian Community Association Of Ontario - Mohammad Asari
With an overflow of Iranian immigrants coming to Canada beginning in the eighties and the unfamiliarity most of them have with Canada and the new environment, it is a necessity to familiarize themselves with their new country

  Iranian Cultural Society of Calgary   Iranian Cultural Society Of Calgary - Atosa Kavousian

  Iranian Hunter & Angler Club   Iranian Hunter & Angler Club - John(Hossein) Moarez

  JVS Toronto   JVS Toronto - Anat Wertheim

  Mehr Association   Mehr Association - Samad(Sam) Assadpour

  Mohandes (Canadian Society of Iranian Engineers)   Mohandes (Canadian Society Of Iranian Engineers) - کانون کانادایی مهندس و آرشتیکت های ایرانی
Mohandes (Canadian Society Of Iranian Engineers) | Alireza Khodabandeh1, We strive to represent thousands of Iranian engineers and architects in Canada....

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