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General Business Information Advisory Service

If you are looking for start-up information, resources, legal requirements, acts and regulations, company registration information or path finding we can set up a one-on-one advisory appointment for you. The Business Information Specialist will provide you with answers and tips and will assist you in the process.
Before venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, you’ll need to do your homework. This means researching your idea and potential market, creating a business plan and operating strategy and working out financing details.
Book your appointment today! Contact our office at 416-222-22-11 or email it to

For more business advice, have a look at the following link: Business Advisor.

Starting a Business

  • Help with the selection of a suitable business name.
  • Register or renew a business name.
  • Complete applications for Harmonized(HST), Provincial(PST) or Goods and Services(GST) Sale Tax.
  • Complete applications for an Employer Payroll Tax.
  • Complete applications for an Employer Health Tax and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Know Your Market

It is important do market research to understand and evaluate the market for your product or service. The information you gather during your research will form a critical part of your marketing strategy and overall business plan.
What is the demand potential for your product or service? Who needs it? Take time to learn about your potential customer based. Look at who your competitors will be and what they are doing. Ultimately, your research will give you a good sense of whether you can make a success of your business idea.
After you’ve done your market research, you can begin planning your strategy. How you market your product or services will depend on the type of business you’re in and how much money you have to spend. Every company will have a different marketing strategy, but there are still some common elements.
Ask yourself these questions as you think about your marketing strategy:

Your product or service
What are the features or attributes of what you are selling?
How will it be different than what your competitors are offering?

How extensive is it? Is it a growth area? Where does your company fit in? How much of the market can you realistically capture?

Who are they? Can you define them by age, buying habits or other criteria? How are they currently being serviced?

How will potential customers find out about your business? Will you actively promote it or rely on word of mouth? How do your competitors promote themselves? How about radio, print, television or online advertising? Will you go to trade shows or look for free publicity opportunities?

How will you price your product? What will the price say to customers about your product or service i.e. will it been seen as high-end, moderately priced or inexpensive? Will your price be competitive?

How will you deliver your product or service? Will your customers come to you or will you go to them? Will you sell directly to customers or use indirect methods (through a distributor or retailer)?

Ask an Accountant Service

Need help figuring out how to properly calculate and file your business taxes, knowing what expenses you can deduct and how to deduct them, or what business structures are tax effective? Your consultation appointment allows to ask the specific tax questions you have for your individual business needs. Book a one-on-one consultation session with an accounting professional from CDI Accounting Services, CGAs.
Book your Ask an Accountant appointment today! Contact our office at 416-222-22-11 or email it to

Business Plan Review Service

A new Business Plans could be professionally devised or your existing Business Plans can objectively be reviewed by our professionals, in order to provide feedback and resources to prepare your business plan for implementation and /or presentation to potential lenders or investors. Research indicates that the likelihood of obtaining financing is increased significantly if the business plan is reviewed by an independent third party. Submit your written plan to our team in person, by mail or email and we will review your plan, prepare feedback and set up an appointment to review with you in person or remotely.
Book your Market Research Advisory appointment today! Contact our office at 416-222-22-11 or email it to
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