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  1- Beta Construction Inc., Design and Build - Nnew innovations in the industry   1- Beta Construction Inc., Design And Build - Nnew Innovations In The Industry - Farid Soroosh, P. Eng.
Our goal is to go beyond the client’s expectations and provide after-service support to maintain complete customer satisfaction. They are now owners of townhouses, detached houses and mansions ranging from $400K to $15M.

  ATCO Emissions Management   ATCO Emissions Management - Ian Lucas
ATCO Emissions Management provides noise control and waste heat recovery system solutions for industrial sites worldwide.

BIOIMAGER is aimed to provide compact, turn-key and high efficient imaging solutions for life sciences and engineering applications having competitive prices. The primary services include providing microscopy imaging solutions based

  Breault & Gosselin Genie Conseil   Breault & Gosselin Genie Conseil - Ali Gorji
Breault & Gosselin Genie Conseil | Ali Gorji,Our specialty fields include residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings as well as engineering structures.

  Cyrus and Associates Consulting Engineers inc.   Cyrus And Associates Consulting Engineers Inc. - Kourosh (Cyrus) Rahimi
Cyrus and Associates Consulting Engineers inc. Specializes in architectural, structural, Mechanical and electrical design of the construction industry. We have applied our technical expertise to many types of buildings.

  Dadras Architects Inc.   Dadras Architects Inc. - Mehrzad Dadras
We design single family homes for owners , multifamily homes and condominiums for developers. We also design office buildings and restaurants for business owners and place of worship.

  Home Decor Renovation Group   Home Decor Renovation Group - Haroon Ahmadi

  LAW Environmental Inc.   LAW Environmental Inc. - Ahmed Naderi

  Options Engineering Ltd.   Options Engineering Ltd. - Hamid Emami
We provide Architectural & Structural design for residential and commercial buildings.

  pas Int'l   Pas Int'l - Quaem

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Phone: 416-222-2211
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3500 Dufferin Street
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Montreal, Québec, Canada
Phone: 514-848-9599
Fax: 514-848-9599

Brea, California, USA
Phone: 714-955-1808
Fax: 714-671-1422

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