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Categories:  Tailoring (Repairs)

Flora Fashion Centre | Marzieh Shirazi

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Flora Fashion Centre
Phone: 1 416-829-2988

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Flora Fashion Centre | Marzieh Shirazi

If you want to change your interior home design, the first step begins with the curtains and drapery, which it will change easily the view of your room, and we are honored to announce that you are in a right place and good hands to begin this NOW and HERE with US. We have OVER 30 YEARS experience to serve our client with Asian, Middle East, and Mediterranean styles to European and North American styles. We provide you new ideas, items, and look to your room. We have the knack for quality and support your needs from draperies, drapery hardware, shutters, binds and so much more. We understand your needs and will offer you the best types of products that they will feel comfortable with. Our prices is always a fair price, we can estimate your final cost by visiting your room for free. We can give you a free consultation for choosing the right cost effective materials and support you by providing the high quality materials by our contracted suppliers benefiting you with a competitive price. Our 30 years previous experience in drapery, embroidery, and even dressmaking for weddings and important night ceremonies for our clients in Middle East, including our experience for teaching and managing 2 drapery/embroidery schools in Iran with hundreds of students, and also 3 years intense experience of serving our clients in Canada is highly enriched support for us to offer you an excellent service with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are interested to give this honor to serve you, and you need more detailed information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff would be glad to help you for any concern you may have, and if you want to make an appointment please call us or write to us, and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

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