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Categories:  Dry Cleaners

Couture Cleaners | Couture Cleaners

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Couture Cleaners
Phone: 1 416-929-1020


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Couture Cleaners | Couture Cleaners

Couture Cleaners with more than 20 years of service to stores such as Harry Rosen and other premium boutiques will strive to offer the same level of service to our our valued clientele.

Many fabrics, including wool, polyesters and silk, cannot be cleaned effectively by soap and water cleaning. They may even be damaged by these methods. Couture Cleaners will dry clean your valuable fabrics to remove any oils or grease and avoid shrinkage and other damage.

Before dry cleaning, we pay special attention to stains. Our specially trained staff will carefully spot clean any stains, giving your garments the best possible care. We understand the strength of our cleaning solutions as well as the tolerance of your garment, and this understanding helps prevent damage.

The dry cleaning process is very complex and includes many different stages that require professional training and expertise. Couture Cleaners staff have been trained and educated in all these areas and will provide your garments with the high-quality cleaning treatment your garments deserve.

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Head Office
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 416-222-2211
Toll Free: 1-855-460-2211
Fax: 416-222-7422
3500 Dufferin Street Suite 603
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Montreal, Québec, Canada
Toll Free: 1-855-460-2211
Fax: 416-222-7422

Orange, California, USA
Phone: 714-978-4888
Toll Free: 1-855-460-2211

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