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Categories:  Electricians

1- Amp Power Ltd. - Ecra/Esa 7007191 | Shahram (Sam) Honarparvar, Me, P. Eng.

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1- Amp Power Ltd. - Ecra/Esa 7007191
1- AMP POWER LTD. - ECRA/ESA 7007191
Phone: 416-804-6834
Fax: 905-884-8597


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1- Amp Power Ltd. - Ecra/Esa 7007191 | Shahram (Sam) Honarparvar, Me, P. Eng.

Amp Power Ltd. is a full service electrical construction and maintenance provider in the GTA Region. Founded in 1999 and guided by its current President, Sam Honarparvar with more than 30 years of practical electrical engineering experience. This firm is committed to providing ts clients with high levels of expertise and service response at reasonable rates.

We beleive that it is essential to be leaders in an industry that is constantly changing in response to rapidly advancing technologies. Membership and activity in such organizations as the Ontario professional Engineers Association, the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario and the Local Apprenticeship Committee help to form the partnership necessary to remain current on all aspects of the electrical industry.

Amp Power Ltd. is proud of its position in the local industry. We have close ties with engineering firms, general contractors, and suppliers of all varieties of electrical needs. These relationships assist us in providing a total service package on design-build, renovation and new construction projects.

Amp Power Ltd. is particularly proud of its available workforce. All of our employees are well trained, highly motivated individuals who excel in their speciality, yet have above average working knowledge of their general tasks. Many have been with the compnay for all of its 10+ year history, and others have been emplyed since the beginning of their careers - a testament to the training and nurturing received from the more experienced memebers of the team. Employees are encouraged to upgrade their skills whenever possible and take advantage of new technologies to make their job more productive. The entire shop has a generous, caring atmosphere which is exhibited often, especially at times of personal crisis for individual employees.

Amp Power Ltd. would be please to provide you with the resources necessary to fulfill your present and future nee

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